The best way to love yourself.

Self-love is not limited to how you dress, eat or drink. Can you think of the time you’ve considered you have loved yourself enough? Self-love is one of the famous hashtags on Instagram yet few really do love themselves. How can you love yourself and at the same time want to get wasted? Have you ever wondered?  I am young and alive, I know how much young people desire to be high, and you know what I mean! Why do we want to lose our mind? Why do we want to drink until we forget our way back home? Why do we like to waste ourselves for nothing? Why do we praise idiocy? Why do we tolerate folly?

Today, you will meet a few youths who are sober, most are either high, stressed,depressed, complaining, bitter, angry , broken and some gave up on themselves. 

You can really love yourself to the degree you know yourself. When purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable. You don’t know how you should treat yourself when you do not understand your purpose. Purpose gives you a vision, a vision gives you a discipline, and discipline preserves you. Discipline determines your friends, books, places to go, what to eat, where to live, how to live and that is love for self.Schools help us to know the basics, you are the one responsible for discovering and weighing your life value on earth.

 Prof. Neff, Sbarra and colleagues define self-love as a construct that forms  three components:

  • self-kindness (i.e., treating oneself with understanding and forgiveness),
  • recognition of one’s place in shared humanity (i.e., acknowledgment that people are not perfect and that personal experiences are part of the larger human experience),
  • mindfulness  ( the quality or state of being conscious )

Why is self-love important?

We  love ourselves because we don’t want to be selfish. We love ourselves so that we can love other people well. You can’t give people what you do not have. A person who is deep in low self-esteem will put the same estimate value on others. This is why many relationships don’t work because two people can’t exchange love. Build yourself because your person attracts what you become. Terri Savelle once said we don’t have much because we haven’t become much. 

There is no self-love without discipline; with discipline you will live a fulfilled and a life of honor. Most of the time we are inspired by what people did, how successful they are, but the most important thing to learn from them is their discipline, their dedication, their commitment and sacrifice..

As many psychology studies attest, self-love and -compassion are key for mental health.Even the United Nations adopted a resolution recognizing that the “pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.” Self love is creating your own happiness, and not waiting for someone to come and make you happy. Happiness and well being comes from self love. It is your right to be happy and well  and you should work on it.

Happy Valentines Day!!

5 Replies to “The best way to love yourself.”

  1. Very true indeed. Self-love is important as one cannot truly love someone else until they love themselves. So if one gives themselves a negative, they will give out negative. Or as they say “hurt people hurt people”. Another important topic you have expressed. Keep it up!

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