How to connect with greatness.

Today it is very common to see millennial fighting to take a selfie with a notable woman or man. Well it is not illegal but let’s think together, what is selfie going to do with you? Let people know that you personally know the president? Embarrass yourself to fight for someone’s face, sometimes this person does not even know who you are. Taking a selfie is not how to make someone notable remember you. There is more you can do to grab the attention and the connection you seek. But it does not happen that quickly like snapping a selfie.

I was sitting on my coach, facing my bookshelf. My mind was wondering around the titles of the books I had for years and some new ones. I had no an intention to read them at that moment. And this is what came into my mind; “you have the mind of Barack Obama in your bookshelf” It was among the books on my shelf, I literary have minds of great people ever lived. I can find out their ideas, their emotions, their concerns and stories in their books. Isn’t this more than a selfie with them? Actually when you get a chance to meet someone notable and you have read some of their books, at least you two will have a sentence to talk about. And finally connect.

Miranda Naiman -CEO Empower Limited with Fransisca Mlingwa – Youth advisory Panel representative at the Millennial Girl Event 2019.

So since then, I made a decision to hang out with great people. It is said bad company corrupts good morals, how about hanging with a good company and corrupt bad morals? You see you’ll never know what you’re missing until you meet somebody new, you don’t need to meet these people physically, you can know them just by studying them. When we meet people we don’t remember how they look, we remember how they made us feel.

An idea can change your life but a handshake does not guarantee that. Don’t seek success, seek to become a person of value said Dr. Myles Monroe. Always check your motive, it’s okay to take a selfie with a notable, but you shouldn’t be driven by a desire to be seen successful than a desire to add value to your own life and the life of others .

9 Replies to “How to connect with greatness.”

  1. “An idea can change your life but a Hand shake does not guarantee that” it’s a very powerful phrase,

    This is a Brilliant piece that I hope everyone reads it, it’s an eye opening to everyone especially 21st century Youth, we all need to see this marvelous writing, it’s a piece that has and will correct many people’s perception towards things/people/situations. Keep going Naj, Your are super writer, a heroine who saves people through dissemination of knowledge.

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