One reason to quit or to continue living.

There are 31,556,926 seconds in a year. Everyday has it’s name on the calendar. We count and wear time everywhere we go, because time is a measure of life. Unfortunately sometimes people become short sighted. They only look at 24 hours, some a week and few a month. If life on earth ends, one must consider how he spends his time which is, his life. I love the advancement of technology which can be an assets to help humans save time, however if you don’t have a vision your time will perish.

Imagine if time was supposed to be bought. The only way to buy, is by working and producing something. If you fail to produce you are supposed to die. How smarter will you work to buy more time for your life? Maybe we would really value time because it translates life. Well, in real life, people say; time is money, don’t waste time. So the value of time is equal to money.

There is a deeper meaning than that. Your heart beating like a clock is symbol that you are alive, meaning you still have a chance to do something with time. Time is not just money, time translates life. Life is not merely about going to bed and waking up the next day, life demands us to give something, to do something beyond taking care of our basic needs. Time has a meaning when you do something meaningful to it. Meaning is only attained when you know your purpose and the value you want to create. Tom Thiss said ;

“Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.”

Most of the time there is a sense of accomplishment, peace and fulfillment when people do something they have always wanted, something related to their purpose of existence.
Hayley Leibson a contributor on Forbes, in explaining the power of being purpose driven, she said;

Purpose is about losing yourself— in something bigger than you. It is about wanting to make a difference and do for others—to help, to give, to serve. It is the legacy you are going to leave behind.”

We have people who want to commit suicide, they don’t see the meaning to continue living. In other words they see their time useless, maybe you have reached here once, but this is not a good place. Suicide is a crime. Why die a criminal? Do not allow yourself to reach a point where your time becomes useless .

One of the signs that your time is useless to you is; First you spend it anyhow, you don’t have a plan . If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind. Look now and evaluate,are you this man?

Secondly, are you doing things that you regret doing? why are you tormenting yourself? This happens when you value things that you are not supposed to value, defying your time with things or people who only destroy you, things you regret to do but you keep doing, going against your conscience,then you end up unsatisfied, unfulfilled ,unhappy and finally suicidal. Until one becomes suicidal, it begins from his/her thoughts. Therefore your thoughts are primary and essential ingredient to give meaning to your time.

The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your time. The quality of your time determines the quality of your life. Remember quality life is not only limited to money, houses or cars. It is your general well-being and the people around you. Life is not for yourself. It is for others, mostly those near you. I believe this is why it was written love your neighbor as yourself.

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