Why You Must Tell Your Story.

“It is the story that matters not just the ending.” 
― Paul Lockhart.

One day I was invited to lead a panel discussion about unemployment in Tanzania. One of the esteemed member of the panel said ”Don’t take your problems personal” This stroked me. All these years I have owned my problems, and treated them like a private property. I would only express what protects my reputation. most people do this, and others like to talk just about other people’s stories,never about their own stories. As Paul Lockhart said, ”it is the story that matters not just the end” we fear about our reputation because we feel that’s the end of story. No matter challenge you’re facing ,it does not mean that is your end.

“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.” 

― Vera Nazarian, Dreams of the Compass Rose

This is what I found out, the entire world is here today, we call it modern society because of the stories we have been hearing, from the east, west , north and south. The memories we carried with us helped us to innovate and invent new things, incredible ideas and works that challenges even our own thinking. Challenges are not really for you alone. But what can you do when you face them?

Number one, solve your challenge. Make sure you’re making deliberate efforts to create a proper solution. Then share your solution to the world. Now let me tell why it is of paramount importance for you to share your private little story to the world.

The world is full of stories, endless series of the living and the dead. They are making a difference. We read books of people who are dead 100 years ago, and our thoughts are influenced.If you’re not gonna tell your story, who else will?

The dead are still living, through the stories they left, the challenges they solved, the task they completed, the failures they experienced, they touch us with their stories,Who on earth would know their stories if they did not make a deliberate effort to share their life puzzles and huddles? Frank Hebert who was an American science fiction writer best known for the 1965 novel Dune and for his long novels of science fiction, he once said; ”Every civilization depends on the quality of the individuals it produces” His works has an influence in the present science and fiction movies. My point is , be part of setting quality. Where you end, someone else will pick it from there.

We are not the same. Each feels or perceive things differently even when we are in the same experience, therefore don’t be discouraged by our similarities, we are all unique. See yourself that way. And be bold to share your story, because it is only you who can explain it better, because you have tasted it.

This is how we can push humanity forward, civilization forward, especially in our continent, Africa.Remember it is not always about you, whatever you are going through or went through. It is for others too. Stick your story to the walls of History so that whoever passes by can learn .

13 Replies to “Why You Must Tell Your Story.”

  1. Most of ourlife is abt solving problems, and problems might be the same with a different context , it worthy sharing coz it inspire, give solution and confidence to others. Thank u Naj 👍

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    1. I am what I am today after hearing Stories which inspired me to move on, so telling Stories of your Past or life experiences, don’t only give you relief of what you are or you went through,but it’s of advertange to the readers too.
      Najma, you are doing a good Job, keep it up@

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        1. – When sharing ur story it’s literally a service to others who maybe wrestling with similar issues, it build confidence in other people to know that there also other people in the universe who facing/faced the same problems.
          In the midst of our stories there are strategies, tools and coping mechanism that can be useful to others.

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  2. I think this is awesome…sadly it is not something encouraged in our countries (Africans). it is seen as a point of weakness, while through sharing a story,experience, failure,success so be it…one person can make a great impact through it…and we will call it our victory since it is a series of shared events that led to a great impact. Thank you Naj for sharing.

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  3. This is Awesome piece of something to learn, The more we tend to hide our story the more it tend to hurt deep and become worse
    Better to share and see what others have to share,,.

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  4. This is Awesome piece of something to learn, The more we tend to hide our story the more it tend to hurt deep and become worse
    Better to share and see what others have to share,,.


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