Important Lessons from the Millennial Girl Event.

Hello dear reader,

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate everyone who made it to our first event on 30th of March 2019 which was held at Inspire center ,Tanzanite Park Building. Great thanks to our great partners and friends who made it worth while. Don’t worry if you were not able to make it, I’m here to give the most exceptional points we learned throughout the meeting.

I appreciate our speakers Mr. Elibariki Shammy –Development issues analyst, Miranda Naiman an entrepreneur ,founder of empower Limited, Sarah Kiteleja- financial analyst ,Tully Mwampanga who is a young Hub manager at Ndoto Hub and Mr. Ozz Razak a health and business consultant. Also, I appreciate the presence of our Keynote speaker Her Excellency, Sarah Cooke- the British High Commissioner to Tanzania, where she gladly shared her story about the impact of mentor-ship in her life and why is it a necessity to girls in Tanzania.

Tully Mwampanga on the left, Miranda Naiman on the middle and Me on the right side facilitating our first panel discussion.

The millennial girl is an event designed to prepare young women to become responsible and independent women in the society. It aims to transfer knowledge, expose them to opportunities and create a network of women who aspire to stand out in everything they do, as business leaders, employees, students, mothers, wives or any position a woman stands in Tanzania. The millennial girl event focuses on breaking cultural barriers hindering women productivity, instilling new mindset and knowledge to reduce women dependency and increase the skilled girl effect. It aims to make young women financially independent, socially responsible, healthy, and leading change in their families married or not married. The millennial girl focuses on women between 15-35 years of age. is also an opportunity to accelerate efforts towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 to increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship’.She’s Bold network is behind this good work and continues to add more value. Here is the recap of the most highlighted points

find your mentor

Her Excellence, Sarah Cooke visited Tanzania years ago, by then she never had any idea that one day, she will be a High commissioner in the country that she’s touring. But she admits that it is through mentor ship, she is now a High commissioner and still continues to have mentors. She has also committed herself to mentor girls below the age of 25 in Tanzania. This teaches us that, having a dream alone is not enough, we need people who know more or have more experience in our area of interest to guide, correct and encourage us. Here is the challenge for you, do you have a mentor? If not, find one.

Never stop learning…

HE Sarah Cooke, British High Commissioner to Tanzania.
Najma Inviting Her Excellency Sarah Cooke for a Keynote speech-Millennial Girl Event on March 2019.
Unemployment is not a problem.

Yes, it is not. Mr. Elibariki Shammy a very good analyst of development issues. He started by defining a ‘job’ in other words a ‘work that pays’. He said, we have never run out of works, there are so many works around us to do. The only problem is we don’t have young people who are ready for any work.Therefore there is no absence of jobs,we only do not see them. Here is my take, if the graduates are many than the companies and institutions existing what are we going to do? We need to do these works which we think they are not for the educated, and do them like the educated.

Mr.Elibariki Shammy redefining the absence of jobs.

There is profit in every work…..

Elibariki Shammy.

I hope you have learned something, follow up on the next post to learn other lessons from the rest of the speakers . Without forgetting to follow She’s Bold Network on Instagram Twitter and Facebook for the upcoming events.

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