Beyond Optimism.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Being grateful doesn’t always have to be because of the fortune you’ve found.
It is also the misfortune you’ve been around. I figured, soon after going through a challenge, I analyzed and actually found something exciting about it. You can try this.
Whether you think you are fortunate or unfortunate, you make sense. Because you are what you think. But the point here is, at all times be grateful. its an attitude, so you can learn and practice.
The feeling of appreciation helps us to have healthier minds and with that healthier bodies.
Those who are grateful they have never been misfortuned. I believe.
Being grateful is not limited to the expression you send to people. It is not the words you post and tell people.
The deeper meaning of being grateful is the state of a heart /mind towards people, issues, things you encounter. It is a state of gratitude, a way of accepting stones and turn them into germs, it is a hope for better,
Being grateful is beyond the limits of optimism.
It is seeing or finding the good in every situation and seeing the significant people, situations or things that you had to encounter to become better and alas best.

You got to look on the bright side, even if there ain’t one.  Says

Dashiell Hammett

Somehow it takes faith to be completely grateful.

When things go wrong, don’t go with them.

Whenever you can’t see good, you will complain, you will blame yourself or others, you will hate, you will revenge. You’ll face a hard time to forgive.
You will finally be stressed and die slowly.
Expressing your thanks can really improve your overall sense of well being: studies show that grateful people are more agreeable, more open, and less neurotic (McCullough et al., 2002)
Gratitude is also a powerful tool for strengthening interpersonal relationships. People who express their gratitude tend to be more willing to forgive others and less narcissistic (Linley et al., 2008). Do you want to be a better person with a better life? Always look on the bright side of life. Otherwise, it’ll be too dark to read.

Let’s practice gratitude.


11 Replies to “Beyond Optimism.”

  1. The article gives hope, I like it. It’s an eye opener. Am grateful


  2. Such a great read! Gratitude shifts us to higher frequency in which we attract much better things,


  3. Being grateful is beyond the Limit of optimism, this is a super statement, Thank You Naj.

    Liked by 1 person

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