Whom You might become.

Glory is not just a name but a reality of humanity. Glory is nothing but who you truly are. Glory is not that hard thing you need to get neither that hard thing you need to achieve. Glory is the nature of mankind, therefore there is no point of struggling. Look at the birds, the sea, the landscape, the giant mountains, and the long trees, aren’t they glorious?
Of course, they are, people pay just to watch them being themselves i.e watching their glory.
Don’t be shy of yourself. The tree remains a tree with its extinguishing characters regardless of how many people are watching it. The tree remains itself no matter how many other trees look like it. It just swims with the wind right and left and enjoy the seasons of life. Never look down on yourself.
One day, at the very start of my career in media, I was tamed with the fact that I do not have experience, and my voice was terrible. I worked as a TV presenter.
Although I did everything I was supposed to do. In my heart, I wanted to be something that I can’t explain, but something better. I thought I was less, I thought I need more time to learn how to speak, I thought I need to be like other people in media, I even thought I need to find a new voice. I was anxious and sick to get all these things.
Even where I did a good presentation, I was not happy at all with myself. you know why?

I was a kind of tree which do not understand the seasons of life. There is winter, but there is summer too. There is a beginning, there is also the peak, allow the beginning to give you momentum, hope, mindfulness, and excitement as you head to the peak. Those who go hiking enjoys not only when they reach the peak, but the whole process. Winter is awesome so as summer, the tree loses so many leaves in summer yet it looks glorious,  in winter it has another level of glory.
Being ignorant of yourself glory can make you malevolent.
I was so inspired by other people and wiped myself out of the picture. And forced myself to be somebody else, and I was not happy in the end. The sole purpose of inspiration is not to be like it, but to steer something inside you.
I have learned to be inspired with what I can produce, what I can create, what I can bring into this world.
Since the true glory is not to be like Oprah or Barack Obama but to be your hidden self.
Begin to explore yourself now. Knowledge is like our missing pieces, collect the pieces and work hard to see whom you might become.


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