Stop waiting, start living


Sometimes we live like we’re waiting for something to come and make us happy, make us enjoy the moment, make us cheer up. Have you ever experience something like that? Your mind will wonder on the future, you will begin to live tomorrow before it arrives. You will wish for things that you do not have at present. This process is like leaving your body behind and dive into the unknown world. The process always robs your happiness and energy from your bones. It will speed your aging process because you’re going to the future with the wrong direction. This feeling explains what is known as anxiety.

Anxiety – the most common of all mental disorders – currently affects about one in 13 people according to The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. The United States of America is not on the list of the poor countries yet an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S., or 18%, have an anxiety disorder.

I believe every man wishes to live with a brand-new heart. A heart which is free from pain, worry, anxiety, shame, unforgiveness, envy and any dark thing you can mention. Here is the little secret; be grateful, In other words, be thankful.

There is a way you stop anxiety when you begin to appreciate what you have, what you are and more around your world. Being grateful brings you back to normal from wandering into the unknown. Being grateful give you hope for tomorrow and joy which is like fuel to your bones and thus energize you. When you lack hope and when you lack energy or drive you’re almost dead, this situation will trigger the mental disorder. I believe you can afford to be grateful. Stop waiting, start living now.

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