Sadness is suicide.

ssadHave you ever spent some time with a very sad person? Have you ever tried to be the comfort or help to a sad person? It is good to help people, but somehow dangerous to try to help someone who does not need your help at that time. There are sad people who don’t mind  being sad for sometime. Here is the feeling I get when trying to help a sad person who only dreams to be happy in the future.
I feel drained.What is your experience?

Sadness is an emotional pain associated with, or characterized by, feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow.The wise king in history,king Solomon of Israel wrote this; ” A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” On this case I believe to be sad is a suicide mission.

Here is what I discovered; A sad person is like a thief, robbing the ecstasy of a moment. Being sad is simply being out of the world by allowing your thoughts to magnify your problematic situation without any constructive ideas of hope. No matter what happens to humanity there is hope.If there is hope ,why holding on with sadness? Black death or the black plague was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, The second world war was the deadliest war ever yet the human race is still making progress today,this is a proof of those who hoped for good.

A sad person can hardly give himself because his mind is busy preoccupied with ill thoughts, An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic, and withdraw themselves from others. An example of severe sadness is depression. By allowing sadness one distorts his thoughts and therefore can’t produce anything valuable, most depressed people end up insane or die.What makes a man great is the service he or she produce from the dippiest part of his/her being. ‘I call it giving yourself’
This service is not only limited to work , it is about being in the ultimate state of your individuality, to allow your thoughts to be where you are, to affect the environment and people around you, simply by your presence. I do not imply your physical presence alone,but your thoughts too. Do you know one can be sad for the things happened yesterday and still hold them 24 hours later and onward? the art of holding such thoughts is what blocks your presence in the present.
Your presence is something magical, because it can change someone’s life whether positively or negatively.
Martin Luther once said, ”everybody can be great, because anybody can serve,you don’t need to have a college degree to serve, you don’t need to make your subject or verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love”.

Your presence is your service to the people around you, be available by not entertaining the thought that will make you sad, just like on Instagram swipe left for the next photo,swipe off that ill thought before your mind saves it for meditation.

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