Sail Ship

Whoever goes fishing,goes into the deep waters and there he or she finds his gift.Friendship is a gift in life.I believe you have one if not three.My grandfather once told me,familiarity breeds contempt.Does that mean we should not be too familiar with people?
Definitely not.All that is required here is respect and unfailing awareness of your friend’s individual ability and choices. William Hazlitt says “Though familiarity may not breed contempt, it takes off the edge of admiration.”

One day I was observing two men who happened to be best friends for more than five years.They shared their deepest secrets and their exciting dreams about the future.They are named, Anastars and Camala.Their friendship is simply grounded on a spiritual inspiration  rather than a mere physical attraction. Camala is one the great gifted public speaker,and his name has travelled far beyond the cities.He has earned a good reputation before the public.What really suprised me is how Anastars treat him, and admire his works.Do you know many of us we always tend to ignore what our friends are doing,or anyone closer to us, we treat them with less regard and respect.But Anastars taught me  a lesson, he respected his friend for the position he has but still treat him as a friend.Here is an example, imagine your best friend happened to be the president, will you treat her or him just normal? Of cause not, I’m not saying you should be a respector of persons,but show appreciation,respect or recognition over the role your friend has. Do not take that relationship for granted. What are friends for if none admires the other?

The best relationships are the ones which each one admires the other and they both speak it out .

The best friend is the one who gives room for change. People change do not hold unto familarity. 

20 Replies to “Sail Ship”

  1. Great work best…you are a wonderfull writer, hope one day you will be a huge inspiration to other girls…keep up

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  2. Thank you Najma, this is really a wonderful message.

    Well, I need to share this with my friends.

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