Image nation.



A child is born clueless about what the world is all about.When I was young,nothing excited me like going to school.I cried on Saturdays and Sundays because I just wanted to be in a class and listen to my teacher who asked me a number of questions everyday.I had no idea that growing up ,becoming tall, would happen so quickly like this! My case was different when I joined university.I can count the classes that I enjoyed, if education was a feeling,then I felt it more when I was in primary school and the times I traveled in my books.

Do you know why? I had a wealth of imagination in primary school, my goal was not only to score an “A” in my subjects, but to enjoy them through imagination.Education is the process of acquiring images in your mind.If you have been learning something and you can’t imagine it,then you’re luckily not to remember it,which means you hardly understood it.

Many people today,believe education is only about going to  school,but how many went to school yet can’t solve a problem for a cause he or she pursued for three years? Do you know why we are advised to travel? Meet new people? Go to places we have never been before? or Ask questions?

Because you got to have a new image.Someone said, imagination is the beginning of creation. If the role education is to be able to act on the subject that you have learnt,then imagination gives you a road map of how you should act.Remember our grand grandfathers received informal education through story telling and practice.And they did a great investment to our present future.

The good thing about taking this venture is,you have the power to control what you want to imagine if only you can control what you see ,listen, smell, taste or associate.Be precise on the subject you pick to travel in imagination.

You might be a doctor, a professor name any educational title you have earned.But the truth is, you don’t know it all,and if you don’t have any educational title, you should not be intimidated  since education is simple to acquire. Only that the formal system of education is conceptualized as the only way of being educated.And our market is designed to employ those from formal system of education. You can choose to educate yourself now.Anyhow.

9 Replies to “Image nation.”

  1. I love the simplicity of the post. It communicates clearly. Don’t you dare stop writing 😆. Nice work Najma!!

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  2. I totally agree, at some point our learning became dull, when were shoved info down our throat even that which interested us least

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