Never celebrate weakness.

It is a tradition to celebrate victory.Those who lost don’t have any other option of celebrating except learning.There is a saying which goes like,”I am only human”. But who else in the world can do better than a human? I believe there is none.

Last week, I went to visit my family in Arusha,which is the region in northern part of my country,Tanzania.I spent enough time talking to them.One morning my brother was narrating to me about his experience in the national army.His life in the army was hard enough to make him forget his own name for about a second, after having countless sleepless nights.There was no any feeling of comfort or hope but only fear and devastation.For the first time my brother was among the recruits who were given a task to walk for three days in the jungle.He told me,he knew he would not make it,probably he thought the commanders were just joking and were trying to instill fear in them.Unfortunately they were not joking.The journey began,and songs they sang,surprisingly they all made it to the third day including my brother, Issa.Although he was extremely exhausted.Remember this was almost impossible to believe.When we celebrate weakness we can never make a difference or progress in our lives.

People love to celebrate weakness, like “I can’t wait that long, i can’t speak in front of people, I am a furious beast and I have no mercy, I can kill someone for that.We simply crown and accept weakness.And we think it’s okay. I used to be one of them.The pretty thing is, every human has inherent unlimited sparkles of moral standards .That’s why the law makers who are also human,made laws to assure the reign of morality in a nation.Which is achieved by an individual choices of action.It’s obvious that some of the standards of morality are not yet laws.But we don’t have to wait for it to be the law to start protecting it.

Weakness or strength is a choice.Remember,I don’t mean that weakness is a bad thing, but to crown and accepting it ,it is.Because that will be your lock to experience your better version.Instead, let us challenge ourselves in our areas of weakness by doing what we think we can’t and what we think we don’t deserve.Because we will surely surprise our minds and have a good reason to celebrate.

My brother and other recruits made it to the third day, and still wondered how they made it through . They never had time to celebrate their weaknesses because they were under orders, out of their perseverance they yielded strength.

Don’t celebrate weakness , challenge weakness . 🙂

15 Replies to “Never celebrate weakness.”

  1. …an amazing eye opener…i can relate to this absolutely. idea just struck me….instead of dwelling on the thousand and one reasons why “I CANNOT”… I’ll make a mind shift to the “ONE” reason why “I CAN” and try to stick with it. Thanks for this piece

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