My good_ness!

We are not Robots,that we deny our very essential sence of being human.We do feel good or worse depending on the perception that clinge into our minds.We sometimes confuse showing emotions and controlling emotions. Wisdom says, too much is harmful,practise self control.Why?

Because you might change laughter into mourning, hapiness into depression, sanity into insanity in somebody’s world. Unfortunately they can’t send you to jail for that.

If you can’t control your emotions ,you can imagine what a devastation is that unto others!

I’m not saying it is bad to be  angry or furious.Instead,practise control.

What amazes me is, how good we are in expressing our “sad emotion” than the “good emotion”.We think people who show their excitement, love,laughter ,hope or joy in public or sometimes in private are almost insane.And we are comfortable seeing someone expressing bitterness,anger,dissapointment and abusive language in public.

We certainly show the good emotion in private,not well enough either.

Today I received a message from a distant friend, expressing how she missed me and how benefiting am I into her life,she did not end there,she also asked me if there is anything she can help…..

I was beyond joyous, the feeling can’t be comprehended. I felt the love in her letters.It translated to me that the world is so big but only one person can make it full. Make somebody’s world full today .

It is a myth to think its a shame to express your good emotion towards someone .
Do compliment ,encourage and support as you can.Rejoice for yourself and for other’s prosperity.There is a secret in between there,practice and you will tell me.

I love you.

18 Replies to “My good_ness!”

  1. Thank my dear, I am happy for this and you talked to me.


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