The focal use.


We are living in the mixed spiced world.There is so much going on,unfortunately we can’t do all at once,be everywhere at once.It’s an obvious wisdom that we must do one thing at a time. But here is a problem, it looks like our minds can be everywhere and do all things,all at once. Have you experienced that? 

To exist is more than the ability to take in oxygen and breath out carbondioxide.To exist is more than knowing that you have become a man or a woman. The fact that you are walking is not the proof of your existence. Do you know why?

Do you know that your eyes and body can be positioned as if you are watching TV,but you are not there,you are not watching.You might be talking to a collegue live or through the phone, but you might not be listening or understanding anything even when you are familiar with the language. You might be in class sitting in your comfortable chair yet not existing. To exist is to be there, anything that exists is present.Dr.Ringo Mowo,One of the great leader and business man , once said wherever you are be there ,if you want to be successful in anything.Therefore be present,since you can’t be successful in the future if you are  not present now, nevertheless it is only the present that can change the past.Any type of success begins in the now.


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