Give yourself, to find yourself. 

The more you give yourself, the more you find yourself. I believe. All I am today, is because of What I gave.
What does it take for someone to give? Well, it cost you, to give. To give is to serve. One of the famous leaders, Martin Luther King Jr.  once said,   “Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. ” don’t waste time by living in the world of excuses! That you cannot give, because you lack or you ‘re unprivileged.Giving doesn’t require wealth always. Our problem comes when we want to give what we don’t have, or give for impression or giving out of compulsion.This kind of giving only hurt the giver, the giver is supposed to be happy when giving since he or she is cordially doing it and is satisfied.    Here is an inspiration for you, from a sister who serves the country in the most unpleasant place, I could say.

Will you serve?

Story Inspired by:
Fransisca Mlingwa.

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