The Art-ificial standards.

Benjamin Fernandez is a fellow Tanzanian in Diaspora, He such an inspiring and influential young person in my country. I met him through cyber space, his love for our country really moved me and many others,this is his real life story which is completely the case to many young people, check this out; 

As I was watching him,my thoughts coordinated a concept,that, it is better to be the best to your former self than to be the best among the rest. Why? Because all your efforts would be to prove your ability, which is a little bit stressful.It is ignorant to prove your ability since you are inherent to it.Even when the standards have grade you high or low still the truth about it, is questionable. Especially when the standards are artificial.I am not surprised when the A students works for Z student. It’s not the standards that satisfies us but rather the fulfillment of our hidden ability or potential. If being the best stresses you,try yourself.

8 Replies to “The Art-ificial standards.”

  1. This is a short, sharp read Najma – this is great.
    On the flip side, I also admire Benjamin Fernandez way of patriotism, he treats his love for Tanzania as a brand and his personal identity.
    Lets do more for mama Africa – sons and daughters of Africa.

    *Check out our latest project: | #HatuaProject | t: @hatuaproject | F: Hatua Project

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  2. I see you writing about fakebook….#theworldstarndardcannotdefineoneself


  3. Great Piece!, thanks for the insight and I will definitely share. I totally am rooting for empowering one another and spreading a positive message and that’s what Ndugu Benjamin Fernandes is doing and so are you Power Lady Najma!- I appreciate you and wish all the best to you on all your endeavors!!! Keep up he great work

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