I’m more than a woman.

Have you ever heard about feminism? Obviously yes or no.One day I bought time just think why women were fighting and still fighting for their rights.In the past frozen times, women were not considered as persons,neither had a right to vote nor to own property.Mh! what actually made them to protest while there was no law or reference to prove their petition? where did they get that idea?


I noticed that, there are so many times when I wake up in the morning,I  hardly remember that I am a girl,or a woman especially when the mind is ambitious and passionate in pursuing the goals.But of cause for the first few minutes.This makes me believe that there is no feminine brain.Do you actually know that gender is socially constructed?

This is the reason why women had to protest  against the social construction which defied their true potential,limited their brain and was  a lie to their spirits.We are all rational creatures,both men and women.

Therefore women should get to understand that the social construction is not always the reality or the truth of who they are.We should be able to separate the social construction and who we truly are.There is a wisdom which says ‘as ye thinks a man is’. And not as the society thinks a man is.Being a woman is not a limitation,so stop making excuses.

To all beautiful women.


7 Replies to “I’m more than a woman.”

  1. Great speech!
    You just said it right.Thank you for sharing the positivity and enlightening us.
    Be blessed.

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  2. I always admire how u see things, for me I see you as woman and never a more than woman, because for me for a woman being more than woman will deviate from the quality of woman, I believe woman is an extra ordinally creature.
    All the best!

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  3. great speech no need to fight us…the battles is within you…..! najma its great how you see things God bless you….for sure women your greatest enemy is yourself…hahahha!

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