The best or good enough? 

“Hello  Everybody!

Geeez…oooh is this even working? 

I guess am afraid,

Wow its my first time standing here,

Please excuse my naivity & shaky voice
Am afraid that even My legs can’t hold me here anymore ,

Holding this mic in front of you, 

looking at me with all your eyes…SCARY!

Am forcing the words and I can’t even hear my self. 
Can you hear me?

But you are also afraid ,

We are all afraid sometimes ,

Afraid of the things that consumes our hearts,

Things that pains and steals our joy,

Afraid to stand differently, peculiar from other people,
Yes! Yes! Youuuu

You are afraid that the person sitting besides you , that your neighbors, friends and the society will look down upon you,

Will condemn you,

They will judge you ,

That you are just a nobody and not worth their class, time and love.
And this,

All this,

Because you want to belong ,

Because you want to be accepted in the clique and to stand out because you are afraid of being different , being the outcast ,

Afraid of loneliness.

You turn a deaf ear to the voice in you,

The voice of conviction and internal power,

You stop your self from shinning! 

Pinning down your ambitions and  aspirations! 

You let mediocrity and the normal drill take charge,

Because my friend you are afraid inside of the voices of other people.
But Hey Champ 

I too am afraid like you,

It doesn’t matter really, does it?

Look here Champ

Am afraid !


but still have talked to you all this while,

But still I have conquered that fear,

I have survived the barriers and broken the chains you all people enslaved me with that I couldn’t do this,
And I have stood out despite my shortcomings,

I have stood out regardless of my weaknesses and shaky voice,

Without paying attention your prejudice! 

Because , This is all that matters in the End.

What am feeling inside,

What I know about me,

Am A Victor and Gallant Being,


I WAS also afraid .”

This piece inspired me to share it here, after understanding that fear is like air, you can pass through it even when you can still fill it.Ignore fear and keep doing what you are doing because it can’t fight you back.To listen to your fears is the beginning of mediocrity. With fear you can never give the best, maybe  good enough. 

Poem composed by Seif Saporo. 

A lawyer. 

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