Are you living on earth or in their minds?

Have you ever come across a situation where you can’t do something because your friends will feel bad, and you tend to do what will please them even if it makes you uncomfortable ? When you find yourself living the labels you have been given,sometimes you cant get out of it simply because everybody knows you are this kind of person, while you are more or simply not. Sometimes we avoid doing something because we worry what people will assume,or say. Do you know that ‘Most people die and never showed up on earth? ‘Said Dr. Myles Munroe . We have not showed up yet because we re living in the minds of people, we have been trained to read other people’s minds and imitate it so as to protect peace and harmony, yet we miss the purpose of our own lives. We must be ready to learn from people but never become them. We must learn to feel empathy but never a bound.
In my early years as teenager, I longed for my freedom which was in the hands of my parents. I could not go out or come home late, I had to ask for permission even when I wanted to shop, I could not choose every clothe I wanted, I could not go picnics with my friends all the time, I could rarely go somewhere alone .I was simply under captivity due to my ignorance or immaturity. But now I have all of it, freedom.But I came to understand that it is also immaturity and ignorant to live in the minds of the people, to live in the fear of irritating someone, to depend on him or her to feel important, to depend on their acceptance so that you can be happy or feel accepted and wanted, to become what they expect you to be and derive your value from the people around you. Life is more of becoming yourself than becoming someone else. We must have knowledge of our concept and worth to attain this freedom, just like a teenager who is now matured and knowledgeable and has been given her freedom. We must take the powers which we gave people over our own lives. It is your life, be in charge.

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