Dare to Undress.

She was born in Russia, she takes pleasure in writing and reading. She treats people with kind and modesty. I just gave you this description and I am sure you like it, because she sounds like a good girl huh? Most of us grew up hearing what people think we are, we prove it, we believe it and make it our identity. I was wondering if I can pick a day to undress myself from all the titles and reputation I have got so far, just to see my nakedness. Are we empty without these names, reputation or fame?


Here is a story from a Russian acquaintance,I find it relevant to my  country too.
“Some people in my country divide all people in two types. The first type is physics, the second one is lyrics. Physics in their opinion are interested in computer, programming, math and of course, physics. They say people should not read too much or study foreign languages. If you are physic, you should work as a programmer, web-designer, photographer or as a scientist. You should not go charity work or write.
But, if you are lyric, the situation is opposite. You should read a lot, if you are a writer it’s your advantage. You should know at least one foreign language, take care about weak people and do charity work. You should not understand high-tech too much and you should call a master to download you Photoshop.You should work as a translator, journalist, librarian.
The majority of the Russians teachers or parents call all girls as lyrics, all boys as physics in primary school.
All of my life I was sure I was a lyric. I did not try to understand math, computer science or physics. But I was sure if I were physics I wouldn’t like reading or know English.
But, when I was 22 years old, I began to study programming. To be exact, I was interested in programming in high school but I dropped. I thought I was a lyric simply because I was a girl. But latter I began to refresh my skills in programming. I began to communicate with another coding girls, I understood you can love reading and programming at the same time. And you can love Math and handicraft at the same time. And nothing is wrong with you.
I think there are no physics or lyrics. There are people with their advantages and disadvantages. And it’s so silly to dictate a person’s future according his or her gender.”

After reading this, I remembered when I was joining college; I wanted to study two degrees in three years. It sounded almost insane, because it is not how the system works in my country, although I knew my brain and my body would handle that. Haha I wasn’t persistent enough so I could not accomplish that. Therefore it is best to see the naked you,to be the very you, and to do all that you believe you can do regardless of what the society is saying because you CAN. 20150608_172554

Story Inspired by Anna Mulyar,

Saint Petersburg,Russia.

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