Being You is Power.


One day, I went to a concert with some beautiful friends of mine.We were all looking gorgeous and stunning that no one could help staring at us. Well,is this not the kind of power I am talking about.

To be yourself is the first exercise of power. Being yourself is to do what You believe, what You think You should do and all You can be despite of the people around you or the environment.The president exercise his power according to the rights granted by the law. The president never stops to be a president when he travels, or when he meets strangers, or when he is with his best friends. He simply is the president until the law states not. So as we, we must learn to be ourselves everywhere and all times untill our end. Being in a group makes you look alike and one thing. But the choice is yours. To kill your colour in order to match with the group or to let your colour stand out yet in the same group. There is a saying which says ” there is strength in diversity.”
During the concert, many people were sitting down and some making noise for the performers. I was really moved by the performance, but where i was sitting, all my friends and the people around were making no noise and remained seated.My burning excitement for the performance not only made me stand but also shout out loud.This is what i call “to be yourself”.It was just a glimpse though.Being yourself is the first exercise of power.It is the ability to do against people’s expectations, It is absolute self expression, to do what you want without compromising or pleasing anyone as long as you’re not breaking any law. It is the ability to refuse to be a copy. After few minutes,four of my friends joined me standing and began to shout effortlessly.Now I call this influence. This power begins from you to choose to be you which inspires others to be like you. Therefore, don’t be normal, don’t be ordinary, don’t be a copy. Simply be you and begin to influence your world.


4 Replies to “Being You is Power.”

  1. This is a nice article Najma. I like the part ” refuse to be a copy” very proud of you. Keep up the good work.


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  2. I must admit this is quite a fascinating and indeed a motivational writing! People around need to see it, I’m definitely sure it will awaken their desire to explore their full potential that is caged within them.

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