Go get it now..


Have you ever felt sad?
Or exited? Most definitely. Do you know your feelings of sadness or happiness are a result of your most dominant thought in your mind at such moment. So this means you can change what you think to transform your moods or feelings. The grand secret of optimists is  they don’t talk their fears, they talk what they expect, they talk their faith. So their mind develops a thought of what they want to accomplish, this translates to the feelings, of cause you will find them happy in the midst of troubles.
One day, when I was still in college, I delayed to pay my school fees. So I was scared and helpless,  we were approaching the final exams for that semester, this means if I don’t pay I will not sit for any exam, and if i don’t sit for my exams, I am definitely disqualified from college. It was only two days to the finals, I have been sleeping sad for a couple of night untill I gave up and decide to be ready for better or worse. So I said to myself no matter what I will sit for my exams. Immediately my mood changed. I became normal and happy as always. The truth is I did the first exam, while I did not pay for any exam. Hahah thank God I was not caught. Well, the money came a little bit late but I did what I thought can’t be done without money because the by laws states so.
You see now, you can speak and think of what you want to happen in your life no matter what you re going through right now. That will surely boost your mood.


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