Accept the handshake.

‘All men are equal before the law’ this is not a mere law but also the truth.The law gave women a hand shake yet women refuse to respond.The traditions have consumed us and rob our enjoyment and fulfillment of our true potential,we are driven by our little foibles.My writings pours out the experience on how I overcome the spell of inferiority,incapability,or inability which is the case to many young girls in Tanzania,and Africa at large.

I advocate for confidence,high self esteem ,boldness as  vital ingredients to reach our dreams.young girls drop out school and never go back even if they will be given a chance, girls change their skin colors, girls don’t take high leadership roles, girls should just stay at home, girls should be obsessed about getting married, girls should compete, girls should be shy and speak nothing in public, girls are related to sex only,and the black list goes on.As a nation,we can never develop if we go on like this.This site is a platform to learn not just from my experience, but from others too as they keep sharing their stories.I believe we all need confidence to take a step in life.Let’s make our dreams a reality.

You are bold.


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